Eastern Cape Reserves

Embark on an extraordinary family safari adventure in the captivating Eastern Cape reserves of South Africa. Nestled in a diverse landscape, these reserves offer a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Encounter the iconic Big Five amidst breathtaking scenery, from sweeping grasslands to dense forests. Explore the expansive reserves through exhilarating game drives, guided walks, and even horseback safaris. Immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity as you spot cheetahs gracefully sprinting across the plains and marvel at towering giraffes grazing in the distance. With a vibrant tapestry of birdlife, witness a symphony of colors and melodies. After thrilling wildlife encounters, retreat to luxurious lodges, where spacious accommodations, sumptuous cuisine, and warm hospitality await. Delight in tailored experiences for all ages, including educational programs and bush picnics. Unwind by the pool or indulge in a relaxing spa treatment, savoring the tranquility of the natural surroundings. With the assurance of a malaria-free environment, the Eastern Cape reserves invite you to forge unforgettable memories and foster a deeper connection with nature on an extraordinary safari expedition.

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Eastern Cape Wildlife Safaris

Experience the ultimate African wildlife safari in the Eastern Cape, a malaria-free province that offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Explore the renowned Addo Elephant Park, home to the impressive Big Seven (elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, leopard, whale, and great white shark), making it a truly unique safari destination. With over 450 African elephants, endangered black rhinos, lions, leopards, and a variety of antelope and bird species, Addo Elephant Park provides an unforgettable wildlife encounter for nature enthusiasts and birders alike. Take advantage of the park's diverse game drive options, including self-guided tours, and immerse yourself in the beauty of this expansive reserve.

Beyond the captivating wildlife, the Eastern Cape offers a perfect blend of bush and beach. Indulge in a remarkable safari experience during the day, and unwind on pristine coastal beaches in the afternoon. With over 600 plant species and the presence of the endangered flightless dung beetle, Addo Elephant Park is a paradise for nature lovers and conservation enthusiasts. experienced guides and knowledgeable rangers, visitors can embark on thrilling game drives and guided walks, providing an opportunity to witness the fascinating behaviour and interactions of these incredible animals. The conservation efforts in the region ensure the preservation of this precious ecosystem, making the Kruger and Greater Kruger areas a haven for wildlife enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable safari adventure in South Africa.

Malaria-Free Family Safaris

The Eastern Cape reserves are the ideal destination for family safaris, offering a unique and enriching experience for both parents and children alike. One of the key advantages is the absence of malaria, providing peace of mind and ensuring a safe environment for the whole family to enjoy. These reserves, such as Addo Elephant Park, Kariega Game Reserve, Amakhala Game Reserve, Shamwari Game Reserve, and Pumba Game Reserve, provide an opportunity for families to witness the wonders of the African wildlife up close, including the Big 5 and other fascinating species.

These reserves also offer family-friendly accommodations and activities tailored to suit the needs and interests of children. From guided game drives and bush walks to educational programs and interactive experiences, children can learn about conservation, wildlife behavior, and the importance of protecting the environment. The Eastern Cape reserves go beyond a typical safari by offering additional amenities such as swimming pools, childcare services, and dedicated kids' clubs, ensuring that families have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

With a blend of adventure, education, and luxury, the Eastern Cape reserves provide an unforgettable family safari experience, creating lasting memories and fostering a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife in children.

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to go on safari in the Eastern Cape reserves is during the dry winter season, which typically falls between May and September. During this time, the vegetation is sparse, and water sources become limited, drawing wildlife out into the open, making them easier to spot. The pleasant weather and lower rainfall also contribute to excellent game viewing opportunities. Additionally, the months of June to September coincide with the calving season of the Southern Right Whales along the coast, providing an added bonus to your safari experience.

Month-by-Month Guide to Weather


In January, the Eastern Cape and Garden Route experience warm temperatures around 26°C, providing an ideal climate for exploring the region's stunning coastal towns, golden beaches, and game reserves. Game viewing opportunities are excellent during this time.


February maintains similar warm temperatures of around 26°C, making it another fantastic month to visit the Eastern Cape and Garden Route. Enjoy the picturesque seaside towns, indigenous forests, and the chance to spot wildlife in the game reserves.


March continues to offer pleasant weather with temperatures around 26°C, providing comfortable conditions for outdoor activities. It is a great time to explore the region, enjoy lower prices, and experience the charming boutique hotels along the Garden Route.


As autumn arrives, April brings slightly cooler temperatures around 24°C, still offering enjoyable weather for outdoor adventures. This shoulder season presents a good opportunity to visit the Eastern Cape reserves and the Garden Route, with lower prices and better availability in boutique hotels.


May sees temperatures decrease to around 22°C, but the weather remains pleasant for exploring the natural wonders of the Eastern Cape and Garden Route. It is a quieter period, allowing for a more tranquil experience in the region's beautiful landscapes and game reserves.


June marks the beginning of winter with temperatures around 22°C. Although slightly cooler, it is still a great time to visit the Eastern Cape and Garden Route. Furthermore, the months from June to September offer the chance to witness the magnificent Southern Right Whales calving along the coast, adding a magical touch to your journey.

July to December:

During these months, temperatures range from 21°C to 25°C, providing mild winter conditions for exploring the Eastern Cape reserves and the Garden Route. The period from July to September remains a highlight for game viewing, while the coastal areas offer spectacular whale-watching opportunities.

Eastern Cape Reserves

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