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Our goal is to safeguard and preserve Africa's natural treasures by providing support to anti-poaching rangers, educating visitors, and assisting local communities. To help achieve this, we provide high-quality, expert-led planning and allocate a percentage of our net profits towards fulfilling our mission.

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Why Are Wildlife Rangers Important?

Africa's wildlife rangers are dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to protect the continent's iconic wildlife and ecosystems from threats such as poaching, habitat destruction, and human-wildlife conflict.

Being a wildlife ranger in Africa is a dangerous and challenging job. Every day, these brave men and women risk their lives to protect Africa's endangered species. They face perilous situations, including confrontations with armed criminals, harsh weather conditions, and unpredictable wildlife. Despite the risks, they remain dedicated to their mission, working tirelessly to ensure the survival of Africa's precious wildlife for future generations. Since 2003, more than 1,000 rangers have lost their lives in Africa, highlighting the urgent need for greater protection and support for these brave defenders of Africa's natural heritage.

The need for wildlife rangers in Africa has never been greater, as many of the continent's species face an uncertain future due to illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking. Rangers are the first line of defence against these activities, working to prevent the illegal hunting and trading of wildlife products. They also play a crucial role in mitigating human-wildlife conflict, ensuring that local communities and wildlife can coexist in a sustainable manner. In addition, rangers work to protect the habitats and ecosystems that support wildlife, ensuring that these environments are conserved for future generations. By supporting Africa's wildlife rangers, we can help ensure that these precious species and ecosystems are protected and preserved for generations to come.

What is For Rangers Adventures?

Tourism has proven to be a powerful tool in funding conservation initiatives, and we at For Rangers Adventures have made it our top priority to harness this power for a good cause. By booking a safari with us, you are not only indulging in a thrilling adventure, but also contributing to the support and empowerment of Africa's wildlife rangers.

For Rangers Adventures are committed to supporting Africa's dedicated wildlife rangers by donating a percentage of our profits to the For Rangers charity campaign and other ranger groups and initiatives around the world.

Join us on a safari and experience the thrill of encountering Africa's magnificent wildlife, while also making a positive impact in conservation. Book now with For Rangers Adventures and become a part of our mission to support Africa's wildlife rangers!

For Rangers Adventure's '6 Pillars of Purpose'

As a team at For Rangers Adventure, we firmly believe that purpose-driven travel can make a positive impact in the world. That's why we use the "6 Pillars of Purpose" to guide our selection of safari camps and lodges for each bespoke safari we design.

1. Supporting Rangers 🦏

Our first pillar is to support wildlife rangers. We do this by committing a percentage of our profit from each safari we sell to the For Rangers campaign (see For Rangers Campaign below). We also partner where possible with lodges that contribute to ranger salaries, training, and equipment. By doing so, we can help protect wildlife and their habitats from poaching and other threats.

2. Sustainable Practice 🌱

2. Our second pillar is sustainable practice. We carefully select lodges that prioritise sustainable energy, water, produce, and waste practices. We know that this helps to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our impact on the environment while still enjoying the beauty of Africa.

3. Opportunity for Local Communities 🌟

Opportunities for local communities through tourism is our third pillar. We seek out lodges that engage with local communities and provide employment and training opportunities. We believe that this not only supports the local economy but also helps to preserve traditional cultures and practices.

4. Education and Youth Development 🎒

Through our fourth pillar, we fund education and youth development in local communities. We partner with lodges that support education and youth development programs to ensure that the next generation has the tools and knowledge they need to make a positive impact in their communities.

5. Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict 🐘

Our fifth pillar is to mitigate human-wildlife conflict. We partner with lodges that prioritise sustainable wildlife management practices and work to reduce the conflict between humans and wildlife.

6. Advancing Knowledge 🔬

Lastly, we use tourism-generated revenue to fund research and advance knowledge, which is our sixth pillar. We partner with lodges that contribute to scientific research and conservation efforts to ensure that we can continue to protect Africa's wildlife and natural habitats for generations to come.

How is the Money Raised Used?

For Rangers is a charity campaign dedicated to supporting wildlife rangers in their tireless efforts to protect Africa's endangered species. The money raised by For Rangers is used to provide essential training, equipment, and life insurance policies to over 2,500 rangers across sub-Saharan Africa. The support of For Rangers has enabled rangers to carry out more than 30 operations in 14 African countries, and has provided more than US $2m worth of kit and training to date. Additionally, For Rangers has provided over 1,200 life insurance policies and over US $200,000 worth of training to rangers across Africa.

The support provided by For Rangers is vital in protecting Africa's wildlife from poaching, loss of habitat, and human-wildlife conflict. Over 1,000 rangers have lost their lives since 2003, and many more have been injured in the line of duty. With the right training and equipment, rangers can do their job more effectively and with greater safety. Life insurance policies provide peace of mind for rangers and their families, while training ensures they are equipped with the latest techniques and technologies to protect endangered species.

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